Company CONCEPTGROUP - ARCHITEKCI is an architectural office created in 1999, founded by architect Thomas Porębnego. The company employs architects, civil engineers and designers in the industry depending on the specific job design. 

The company operates in the field of public procurement and commercial projects. The main core is executing public projects and residential and general industrial applications. In addition, projects are also implemented public space development, road and infrastructure projects mainly in the areas of historical. 

Office also implemented several projects revitalization of buildings and areas listed in the Register of Monuments or located on the grounds of protection of monuments. 

Several of these have received awards for the implementation of national competitions execution. The most important of these include: 

  • 1st place for Revitalization of Historic Properties Warmia - Mazury 2009 as an investment "Reconstruction of the existing building pokoszarowego the seat of the District Court and Prosecutor's Office in Osterode" 
  • 1st place in the competition DESIGNOWE CITY 2011 - for the implementation of the "Development of John Paul II Square in Kwidzyń". 

During his nearly 15 years of existence office has realized about 500 jobs with different levels of difficulty. At this time, the company also took part in several competitions architectural and planning. 

The company now employs four people. Two Senior designers and two assistants on the bench. For our work we use software Grafisoft - ARCHCAD 17 and AUTOCAD LT packages. In addition, we also request related to the execution of concepts and visualization of buildings and grounds. For making use of visualization software Abvent - Artlantis RENDER and PHOTOSHOP. 

Our company is a team of young designers nieobawiających challenges, but also sentient awe of the responsibility behind the architect and engineer, which extends over a wide area of ​​life in socially and economically its range. 

In addition, we are open to collaborate with other entities both design and construction contractors to carry out joint projects and activities. Company's doors are also open to individuals who are willing to cooperate and work or study full-time. We invite you to cooperation.